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Guido Vermeulen's mail art envelopes are like worlds into themselves and at the same time they are part of the much larger whole.

(a comment by NANCY BELL SCOTT, USA, on the IUOMA network)

Guido's paintings are like finding images in the clouds
(a comment by Kathleen D. Johnson, USA, on IUOMA)

Guido does not paint monsters but spirits and ghosts, full of love, tenderness and compassion
(LIZA LEYLA during a conversation, Belgium)

His ability to express emotions through painting is a beautiful gift. Allowing oneself to feel sadness is the most direct route through grief. His paintings feel peaceful and kind.


My life is shifting... Your work is intangible, ethereal, cosmically rewarding. i eat it up & savor it like a great sandwich! It made my day!

Thank you for the TALISMAN painting on the envelope. It is real cool and creepy at the same time. I haven’t seen a piece of abstract capture such as pain and emotion so well since I visited the museum of art in Toledo. Bravo!
(Sarah Jo Pender, USA, from the Indiana Women’s Prison)

I suppose you could characterize Guido's painting style as expressionist. I know he is very interested in dreams as a source for art and poetry, and these particular chapter pages seem like shadowy dream corridors filled with shifting images and scenes. The Michaux quotes work as a counterpoint, Guido's art is taking over when the limits of language have been reached.
(De Villo Sloan, USA, on my tribute pages to Henri Michaux, see LAMUSAR blog)

Guido’s art expressions are always poems and they show us the reality of our real faces and souls (Mariana Serban, Romania)

His titles have both inspired and educated me (Alicia Starr, USA)

maandag 25 oktober 2010


Postcard art mailed to Ana Spinu in Romania for her train project.

On October 28 Ana reacted back in an email as follows:

Dear Guido,

Thank you for sharing with me a personal moment of your life.I too sometimes travel in blue trains, how lonely they seems to be and how wind whisper to our cold ears oranges lullaby.

Maybe it is time to travel back in time. I'll travel next to you in yellow train. We will share friendly gifts and blue memoirs so that our souls can be slow in gentle vibrations.

About my yellow train MailArt Call...yellow is my favorite color and trains...well trains still take me to my home. Back to my home and far away from home. On my themes from my Ro m'ai l'Art site I describe the most incredible experience that happened to me while I was having a train journey during my Master courses from Craiova to Cluj-Napoca these past 2 years. It is a still writable story....

Some minutes ago it played in my room "Blue Train". Yes, wonderful jazz performer. I am also a fan of jazz and blues music entertainers. In attachment a short song of an English movie song writer Carter Burwell, maybe you heard of him. One of his movie soundtracks is "In Bruges ". "Prologue" is a melody who heals my wounds. Hope can be useful to you as well.



PS: http://romailart.wordpress.com/1890-2/

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