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Guido Vermeulen's mail art envelopes are like worlds into themselves and at the same time they are part of the much larger whole.

(a comment by NANCY BELL SCOTT, USA, on the IUOMA network)

Guido's paintings are like finding images in the clouds
(a comment by Kathleen D. Johnson, USA, on IUOMA)

Guido does not paint monsters but spirits and ghosts, full of love, tenderness and compassion
(LIZA LEYLA during a conversation, Belgium)

His ability to express emotions through painting is a beautiful gift. Allowing oneself to feel sadness is the most direct route through grief. His paintings feel peaceful and kind.


My life is shifting... Your work is intangible, ethereal, cosmically rewarding. i eat it up & savor it like a great sandwich! It made my day!

Thank you for the TALISMAN painting on the envelope. It is real cool and creepy at the same time. I haven’t seen a piece of abstract capture such as pain and emotion so well since I visited the museum of art in Toledo. Bravo!
(Sarah Jo Pender, USA, from the Indiana Women’s Prison)

I suppose you could characterize Guido's painting style as expressionist. I know he is very interested in dreams as a source for art and poetry, and these particular chapter pages seem like shadowy dream corridors filled with shifting images and scenes. The Michaux quotes work as a counterpoint, Guido's art is taking over when the limits of language have been reached.
(De Villo Sloan, USA, on my tribute pages to Henri Michaux, see LAMUSAR blog)

Guido’s art expressions are always poems and they show us the reality of our real faces and souls (Mariana Serban, Romania)

His titles have both inspired and educated me (Alicia Starr, USA)

donderdag 16 mei 2013

Papercut Blues

PAPERCUT BLUES (when I cut paper I cut my own flesh)

1 Life is a horror movie about a shipwreck on the terrible Tabasco sea

2 You don’t see seagulls cry in the dark!

3 Dear general, I never understood how salt can stand near pepper

4 Once I had a table that was so bored by my living-room it walked into my garden (and my neighbors phoned the local police at once! They raided my place and all my furniture rebelled and was arrested, me included)

5 My favorite pizza is the one who escaped from the furnace of hell of the Stella d’Italia

6 The evil of non-destruction is sometime worse than its opposite

7 I vomit frequently when I hear talking someone in a suit in a popular restaurant in the name of the almighty european commission

8 Oh yes, my teeth are bad but my feet are worse (confessions from a shark)

9 We evolved from worse to bad to worse again (& we call that progress?!)

10 I always had a soft heart and now that bites me in the ass chambers

11 Continue to continue to explosion

12 Explosion to continue to implosion

13 The tie around my neck is not my tie; it is in fact the tie around your own neck!

14 Disgrace is a word I had to look up in an Icelandic dictionnary and even then it was so alien it became almost familiar at once

15 A door only opens with the ambition to be closed again

16 I saw her body hanging as a robe on a coat hanger but nobody recognized who she was or used to be (except me of course)

17 Mysticism is damaged wood outside a black forest

18 Don’t ask the tree about its severed roots

19 Don’t ask the roots about the seperated sky above

20 Don’t ask the sea about the hungry fish in its belly

21 Don’t ask the vanished fish about the boat of the Flying Dutchman

22 Don’t ask the lonely boat about the empty nets

23 Don’t ask these nets about the mazes of light

24 Don’t ask the light about the necessity and reasons of class fight

25 Don’t ask the don’t ask about the don’t ask

26 When the last question dies we shall all be dead

27 When we are all dead the question still remains ...

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